Organizational Communication

Communication Strategy and Tools
All organizations have a variety of internal methods of communication. Many times these have followed traditional expected channels such as e-mails, conference calls and meetings and evolved over time without a great deal of thought as to how effective the methods are for the organization.

Do you have concerns about whether the right person is getting the right information in the right way in time to help them do their job successfully? Are you concerned about inconsistencies in your operation because “someone didn’t get the memo”? Is communication mostly one-way? Would you like to gather more feedback, more regularly? Do you have an effective means for archiving and updating the organizations standard operating procedures?

HR Aligned Design will help your organization identify your communication challenges and design practices to improve consistency ensuring information gets to right individuals and an efficient means of improving, updating and archiving.

Social Media
Blogs, twitter, linkedin, facebook, social networks…social media impacts not just communication but all aspects of your business.   Is your organization prepared, well educated and trained?  Are you leveraging social media internally to more effectively communicate, develop and engage your teams?

HR Aligned Design will work with your leadership teams to increase their understanding of Social Media, how it works and how it’s tools can be leveraged to positively impact the organizations’ communication, people development, engagement and overall goals.

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