Leadership Programs / Workshops


Through a series of learning experiences that include classroom (virtual or in person), assignments and practical application; participants will develop key leadership competencies and capabilities.


Whether you are new to the organization or moving from a role as an individual contributor to a manager of people, the transition can be one of the most challenging and overwhelming.  Rather than focusing on one area or set of responsibilities, the set of skills needed for this new role combines operational and peoole management.

Through a series of development workshops and experiences, new(er) leaders will be able to shift successfully, develop the confidence, mind and skill sets to become an effective leader, develop a strong team and deliver great results for your organization.


A company’s success is strengthened by a foundation of strong, resilient leaders at all levels in the organization.  As your high potential leaders take on new roles and increasing responsibility, they need to be able to meet challenges head on and thrive while doing so.

This program will help your leaders hone and refine their leadership skills to align with the organization and expand their abilities to build high performing teams, use their influence effectively, solve problems, champion change, and be a catalyst for an engaged culture delivering high performance.


Embark on a transformative journey through our leadership development workshops – a diverse group of learning experiences designed to cultivate essential skills and empower you to lead with impact.  Explore, learn and evolve as you participate in these interactive sessions crafted to unlock your leadership potential.

All workshops are offered in person or virtually.

  • Speak, Listen, Connect: A Communication Mastery Workshop
  • Developing Your Agile EQ
  • Elevate Your Team: High Impact Hiring Strategies
  • Building Bridges to Success: Strengthening Workplace Connections
  • The Feedback Exchange: Your Path to Continuous Improvement
  • Clockwise: A Workshop on Effective Time Management
  • Productive Conflict
  • Culture Catalysts: Igniting a Thriving Workplace
  • Delegation Decoded: BuildIng a Culture of Ownership
  • Focused Leadership: Igniting Success
  • Peak Performance Teams:  Unleashing Potential
  • Navigating Influence, Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • The Change Leaders’ Playbook: Strategies for Success


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