Leadership Coaching

Have you ever stopped to consider all that we ask our leaders to do? We expect them to innovate, motivate, coach and develop their teams, sometimes in person…sometimes virtually, all the while focusing on top line sales and bottom line results.

Admit it…that’s a lot even for the most seasoned of leaders.

But what is a company to do when it has a dire need to improve the depth of talent and hand off even more responsibility? Many companies can’t afford to wait for leaders to learn on the job and may not even have the resources to provide the training they need (especially since the skill sets needed are shifting dramatically, very fast!)

Coaching offers an opportunity for more personalized development. And here are some fun facts on the ROI of coaching to show you why coaching is absolutely necessary:

  • Ordinary training typically increased by 22% while training combined with coaching increased productivity by a whopping 88%.
  • Executive coaching contributed the MOST to sustained, observable behavior change in executives.
  • Managers describe an average return of more than SIX TIMES the cost of the coaching, according to a conservative estimate by Fortune Magazine.

Furthermore, coaching can benefit your leaders at any level to:

  • Become more attune to their behavior and skills.
  • Work more easily and productively with others (supervisors, peers, direct reports)
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Learn from past experiences and identifying learning opportunities
  • Build, lead, and motivate their teams
  • Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments
  • Improve their ability to change or adapt
  • Gain more job and life balance and satisfaction

I work one on one with all levels of leadership to provide the needed guidance, tools, and strategies to help them reach their full potential.  Three (3) and Six (6) month engagements are available. I will also work with you create a custom engagement. Sessions are one (1) hour in length every two weeks. Assessments may be included to provide insight and homework is assigned between sessions.


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