It’s time for some detective work!

There’s no doubt that each position in your company requires a very specific set of knowledge and skills. But have you ever stopped to investigate what those abilities are, and if your employees even have them? HR Aligned Design will help you uncover some critical management and leadership competencies to help you develop that talented dream team you’ve always wanted!

Why your organization will love this program:

  • An expectation of performance will be set
  • You’ll have a common language for hiring, training, evaluating, developing, and promoting talent
  • You’ll be provided with a roadmap for improvement and development
  • A greater consistency in evaluation and accountability will be created
  • People practices will be aligned with corporate culture and organizational goals

Why your employees will love this program:

  • They’ll know what’s expected of them
  • They’ll hear a consistent message
  • They’ll know what they need to improve their performance and advance their career.
  • They’ll be evaluated consistent with their peers
  • They’ll be fulfilled knowing how their role contributes to the success of the entire organization

Once we identify the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs), we’ll translate them into measurable and observable behaviors.

Competencies create a model to align all of your talent management practices such as recruiting, training, development and performance management. We will continue to work with your organization to develop strategy, processes and tools in these areas.


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