Janet Hoffmann came into my professional life at a critical moment. I was a decade into a job with a fantastic organization and transitioning into an executive role. That transition should have been exciting, but I was short-staffed, overworked, and burned out. My organization engaged Janet as my coach, and she was a lifesaver for me. Janet listened carefully, dug deep with me, and provided expert advice helping me profoundly shift my perspectives. If Janet made a commitment to me, she honored it. Janet and her coaching methodology helped me continue my career progression in a much healthier way. Janet’s wisdom continues to be a part of how I show up professionally even beyond our formal coaching engagement. For any growing leader looking for thoughtful and compassionate coaching & development, I highly recommend Janet Hoffmann.
Jamie Griffin, Founder & Principle, Consult to Grow

Thankfully Janet came our way! Janet plays a critical role in the history of our turnaround at Enlivant! Janet has a unique ability to read an audience and to maximize the output of individuals that she does not know well. This is because Janet builds immediate trust and folks want to participate with her as they achieve shared objectives. Janet is 100% reliable and partners to meet deadlines on the clients time table. Most importantly, Janet becomes a friend and is dependable once a project is complete to offer advice and to fine tune her work.

Janet doesn’t give answers to people, she inspires and leads them to discover what best suits their environment. This authenticity in her style fosters pride and “ownership” by the client for the end result. Janet has a refreshing “low ego” and is a cheerleader for her clients when they reach milestones in their projects, or completion.

Janet’s corporate job experience provides real credibility to clients as she lends a hand to them to enhance their business results.

Peter C. Smith, Chief Human Resources Officer, Enlivant

We speak quite a bit about listening in our culture, so it really hit a chord when a good 40% of Janet’s process revolved around just that. She listened to us speak about our business, why we do what we do and how we do it. But then real value happened when she asked about what currently worked and what did not, then really dug in and challenged us to see if those beliefs were in fact correct.

We came out of our engagement with a very focused sense of how the process she helped us with will lead to more replicable actions and results, the name of the game, right? She is professional, knowledgeable and passionate about her craft, and truly understands relationships. I got a little smarter with each interaction with her, and going forward she will be the first person I will turn to for help with all things “people”.

Bob McKay, VP, Business Development, MarginEdge

Janet took the time to truly understand the culture of our company before assisting us in designing the right communications solution. She efficiently probed each stakeholder level of the organization prior to effectively facilitating a consortium of executives and front-line managers. Every constituency had a “voice” which ultimately led to new systems and protocols that were aligned with our business objectives, yet fit an 87 year-old family culture as well. We look forward to working with her again soon.
John T. Bettin, President & CEO, Palm Restaurant Group

Janet is a talented professional and a incredibly important strategic partner to Enlivant.

I'm always equally impressed with both Janet's "what" and "how", when she works with our organization on various people related initiatives.

She delivers what she promises, and does it in a way that really resonates with our people and culture.

We view Janet as an ongoing extension of our team. We are thankful to her for the lasting and meaningful contributions she has made to our culture and the build out of Enlivant's national operating platform.

Jack R. Callison Jr., Enlivant CEO

Janet is an amazing coach! She helped me to develop into a more confidant and effective leader. She worked with me on creating specific tools to assist me in developing clearer and more decisive communication skills that will help to lead my team and to achieve my own goals . She created a safe space to address the areas I wanted to focus on, yet challenged me when needed. Working with Janet during the pandemic has been life changing for me as I prepared for my next position and a path forward!
Lynn Bound, Executive Chef

When working with Janet, her extensive experience in Operations, Training and Human Resources is very evident. This cross-functional know-how added tremendous value to the projects Janet worked on at Macaroni Grill. In addition, Janet invests a lot of time, upfront to ensure expectations are aligned and outcomes are achieved. Her work on our entire management training and development process has been transformational. Our new managers are leaving training far more prepared and performing at a much higher level based on the new program Janet created. I highly recommend Janet to any organization that desires a fresh and innovative approach to training and seeks a true partner to help them find valuable and long lasting performance improvement solutions.
Steve Baker, VP, Learning & Development, Romano’s Macaroni Grill

"HR Align Design provided H2M with a customized approach to leadership development. Janet was easy to work with and connected well to our audience. I would highly recommend her learning and development expertise without reservation"
Liz Uzzo, SVP, CHRO, H2M architects + engineers

Janet Hoffmann is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable leaders in the area of Human Resources and Leadership Development that I have had the pleasure of working with, which is continually proven through her ability to objectively evaluate, challenge thinking, keep teams focused and deliver results. Janet approaches each project with analytical and strategic thinking to best fit both the needs of the company and the personnel in charge of the project. She keeps teams focused on achieving targeted benchmarks and when necessary, helps the team see potential barriers to momentum and provides recommendations against those barriers. Janet’s genuine, supportive approach has been welcomed by our entire team and personally, as a peer, I sincerely appreciate the ability to partner with someone I highly respect and trust.
Edie Ames, Chief Operating Officer, Real Mex Restaurants

Janet partnered with us in the development of our Core Competencies. She provided the insight and guidance needed to ensure alignment with our business. She was outstanding to work with!
Todd Barrato - CEO, Brioni America's

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