Did you know that millennials are FIVE times more likely to stay in a job when they are on the same page with their company’s purpose? PwC says that 79% of people say they are more loyal to purpose-driven brands and Corporate Board/EY Global Leadership Forecast says that purposeful companies outperform the stock market by 42%.

Humans crave purpose.

So what is your company’s purpose? If you had to think about the answer to that for more than five seconds, then the Purpose and Values workshop is for you. Purpose and Values creates a picture of the type of culture and behaviors you want to see in your organization.

First, we focus on PURPOSE.

  • We help with your WHY. Why does your organization do what it does? What is its core reason for being?
  • We align your strategic decisions with your long-term decisions
  • We help define your company culture — how do you help clients/customers and solve their problems?

Then, we shift to VALUES.

  • We help you impact the employee experience and the relationships you develop with stakeholders
  • We define your company DNA
  • We align with your behavioral compass
  • We differentiate you from the competition
  • We align your decision-making to your values
  • We get your employees’ values aligned with your company’s.
  • We motivate your team to work towards a common goal.


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