“There are two ways of being creative.  One can sing or dance. Or one can create an environment in which singers and dancers flourish.”  ~Warren Bennis

Facilitation means to make things easier; to free from difficulties or obstacles or to carry out a set of functions or activities before, during or after a meeting to help a group achieve its own objectives.

As a facilitator we help to improve your groups effectiveness through:

  1. Well defined roles, goals and group working guidelines
  2. Encouraging new ideas, feedback and constructive debate
  3. Supporting participation of all group members
  4. Providing tools for decision making, identifying problems and solutions
  5. Promoting discussion
  6. Maintaining consistent focus on the goal
  7. Following up on structure such as meetings and deadlines
  8. Guiding the group towards a well defined solution with actionable steps

We can all get stuck as a team. Maybe it is time for strategic planning and you need an unbiased perspective to help the team explore new possibilities. Or maybe there’s a new, big mountain of a project to complete. Or there’s a burning challenge or company issue that you just can’t seem to overcome. When we get into a rut, it can be difficult to think of fresh new solutions.

Talk to us about your challenges, and HR Aligned Design will facilitate your strategic planning, idea sharing, group project planning or challenge through a customized session complete with thought-provoking, interactive, and fun exercises and conversations.


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