Growing Your Own Leaders

The need to develop a pipeline of world-class leaders has never been greater.  Many companies focus on replacement planning rather than proactively planning for and growing their own leaders.  Successful succession management consists of assessment methods, regular talent reviews, well-developed career path programs and measurement.  Those companies that make succession management a priority retain their talent and prepare their organizations for the future.

Assessing Talent –Understanding the current state of your talent as well as the current and future needs enables an organization to be proactive rather than reactive. A simple yet consistent means of evaluating the talent in your organization is the first step to growing your own leaders.

Talent Reviews – Regular reviews of talent help companies meet future and current staffing needs, get the right people in place before they need them and give high potentials the opportunity to gain the experience they will need to contribute fully.

Career Path Development Programs – Companies that offer the opportunity of a career have a competitive advantage in being able to attract and retain top talent. A clearly defined path should focus on development including opportunities such as on-the-job experiences, education, exposure to new tasks and stretch assignments. The ability to improve and progress are key motivators with today’s employees.

Measurement – What get’s measures gets reinforced. Making succession management a priority requires measuring the success of the program. It will also guide future efforts and mid-course corrections.

We will work with your leadership to design, facilitate and implement simple and effective practices for growing your own leaders.

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