Culture By Design

Culture exists in every organization whether by chance or by intention.  Is yours the one that you want?  Does it support the successful performance of your company?  Culture is a set of beliefs, values and behaviors that members of a group use as the norms they live by.  HR Aligned Design works with you to assess the current culture in your organization, both spoken and unspoken, then develop or refine the core values that will align and guide your organization in it’s decision making, creating a culture by design and driving the performance of your company.


Our approach will engage all key stakeholders in the process, from the information gathering stage through development; facilitating ownership of the culture from all participants. Our implementation process brings the core values to life by highlighting behavioral examples of what it means to live the core values in your organization.

HR Aligned Design will continue to work with your organization to create systems and practices that reinforce these values and behaviors.

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